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Getalit Compact Laminate Collection

Excellent surface properties open up new scope for application. The homogeneous core structure of Getalit compact laminates allows for extraordinary ways of design of edges and surfaces.


Getacore Sinks and Basins

Easy to clean, hygienic and pleasant to the touch: the proven quality of Getacore lends itself to sinks, sanitary basins and pre-assembled washstands. 


Getalit Laminate

Our Getalit laminate is a high-quality high pressure laminate (HPL) with outstanding properties. Synthetic resin-soaked kraft papers, printed or dyed decorative papers and the crystal-clear overlay protection are pressed together during production under great heat and very high pressure. Getalit can therefore be optimally used, for example, as a window sill, partition, front, composite element or worktop.


Getacore Solid Surface Material

Introduced commercially in 2001, Getacore is a unique acrylic-bound solid surface renowned for its exceptional dimensional stability and durability.

In addition to jointless bonding, the advantages of Getacore are its outstanding colour consistency and exceptional dimensional stability, which make it ideal for use as a composite element or acrylic worktop. Westag offers the solid surface material in many different lengths and widths as well as in four thicknesses as standard - individual dimensions and decors are possible for projects. Getacore is produced exclusively in Germany.

Further Materials & Surfaces