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Helle Holztür im Wohnzimmer der Marke Portalit im Dekor Eiche Eleganzia


  • Straightforward versatile surface that lends (living) spaces a personal note
  • Expertise from a single source - Westag is the only door manufacturer that produces its own HPL and CPL
  • Cost-optimise your project planning: All Portalit decors are also available in Getalit for more demanding applications
  • One-piece design: patented 3-sided round edge made of the surface
  • Blue Angel certification

The Allrounder

Whether combined with plain or wood decors, our durable CPL door surfaces can maintain a reserved air while still adding a personal note to your room concept. They can also be combined with glass openings or strip inserts for even more individuality. And for situations that require even gerater durability, all our Portalit decors are also available as HPL in our Getalit collection. Couldn´t be easier, right?

Decor overview

  • Basic Collection

    Plain decors

    A 222 Pma
    Arctic White

    A 223 Pma 
    Classic White 

    A 242 Pe
    Plain White 

    A 402 Pe
    Bright Grey 

    Wood decors

    ESR 222 Rb
    Ash Tree Arctic White

    AH 74 PoF
    Rustic Maple

    EiB 310 PoF
    Pale Oak

    BU 88 PoF
    Flowery Beech

    NU 736 PoF
    Walnut Noce

  • Trend Collection

    Plain decors

    A 446 Pma

    A 416 Pe
    Titanium Grey

    Wood decors

    Pi 230 In
    Pine White

    Ei 443 Rb
    Sala Oak

    EiC 767 InC
    Oak Adria Cross

    Pic 230 InC
    Pine White Cross

    BN 434 Pe

    Ei 793 Si
    Artis Oak

    NU 324 Rb
    Walnut Embla

    Ei 342 Rb
    Oak Eleganzia

    EiC 793 Si
    Artis Oak Cross

    Ei 424 Lo
    Platinum Oak

    PiC 11 InC
    Pine Light Cross

    NU 717 Rb
    Walnut Trentino

    EiC 424 LoC
    Platinum Oak Cross

    Ei 767 In
    Oak Adria

    PiC 44 InC
    Pine Grey Cross

Surface properties

  • Robust, easy-care and colourfast CPL
  • 6 plain decors and 20 wood decors
  • All decors also available as a Getalit HPL surface
  • Patented 3-sided round edge made of the surface
  • Primary application: Living spaces