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Metallische Tür in einer Bar im Homapal-Dekor 451 SRM Alu-Strichmatt Bronzeton


  • An elegant, matt metal finish with anti-fingerprint characteristics
  • Resistant to scratches thanks to SRM (Scratch Resistant Matt) technology
  • Versatile and fascinating- special manufacturing process for extraordinary depth effect
  • 100% eclusive: Westag is the only manufacturer that offers doors with metal surfaces from Homapal por any function, from wet rooms to Fire prevention

Opening the door to emotion

Metals have always held a great fascination because they behave so differently to other materials: they arouse our interest and change their appearance depending on the licidence of light and time of day.

Homapal has developed SRM - Scratch Resistant Matt: a highly scratch resitant matt surface with anti-fingerprint properties. For the first time, this extraordinary surface is now also available for interior and functional doors.


454 SRM
Alu Brushed  

447 SRM
Alu Brushed 

451 SRM
Alu Brushed 

Surfaces properties

  • Matt metall surface
  • Highly scratch resistant due to innovative SRM technology (Scratch Resistant Matt)
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • For objects and exclusive living spaces

extremely matt surface

scratch resistant

real metal structure


abrasion resistant

resistant to common household chemicals