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Dunkle Holztür im gemütlichen Wohnzimmer mit Kamin der Marke Dekorit im Dekor Pinie Grau Cross


Interior doors with this easy-care surface as a classic entry-level variant for all living spaces.

Doors with decorative foil surface

Dekorit doors are classic entry-level variants for price-conscious living room experts. In addition to the visual advantages, the ease of care is the main plus point of this surface. It can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly with a damp cloth.

Decor overview

priming foil

DE 30
Pale Oak

DE 223
Classic White

DE 88
Flowery Beech

DE 24
Plain White

DE 736
Walnut Noce

DES 25
Ash Tree White Pore

DEC 44
Pine Grey Cross

DEC 11
Pine Light Cross

DE 74
Rustic Maple

Surface properties

  • Easy to clean decor foll surface
  • Available in popular wood decors and white tones
  • Doors with primer foll can be painted as desired
  • Entry-level variant for living spaces