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Decoplan floor – high-quality plastic panel with hollow chambers

Our floor panel DECOPLAN® floor powered by Con-Pearl® is made of plastic and has hollow chambers. The sealed surface offers outstanding anti-slip properties and is easy to clean. The markedly long-lasting material has a very high degree of stability despite its low weight and is up to 100 percent recyclable.

Decoplan floor

An overview of the main properties and benefits of our “Decoplan floor” floor panel:

  • high-quality plastic panels with hollow chambers
  • great stability at low weight
  • anti-slip, long-lasting and easy to clean
  • environmentally friendly: up to 100 percent recyclable

Technical dataPropertyUnitValueTesting method
Weight per unit areakg/m²3.8 +/- 0.1DIN EN 12127

Decoplan Floor

Overall thicknessmm11 +/- 0.3DIN EN ISO 5084
Tensile strengthN/50mm>2800ISO 52-2
Bending strength at 3% stretchingN/50mm>2303-point bending test, interval between supports 140 mm, 20 mm/min
Maximum bending strength (F max)N/50mm>270
Bending at F maxmm<16
Burning ratemm/min<50DIN 75200 (FMVSS)
Resistance to cold°C<-30VW-PV3905: Ball-drop test (500, h=250mm)

Subject to design modifications. Attention: Reference values – these properties are not guaranteed. Subject to technical modifications.

Lash tray 500 daN

To be fitted to the original lashing point in the vehicle. For floor cutouts with a diameter of approx. 90 mm.

Entry guard rail

Protects you when getting in and out. Suitable for floor cutouts with a diameter of approx. 90 mm.

Retaining clips

To fix your side wall panelling securely. Recommended for the rear window area, among others.


To prevent breakage when installing your Westag side wall panelling.

<p>Data sheet floor panel Decoplan Floor</p>

Data sheet floor panel Decoplan Floor


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