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Westaspan Super 400

Westaspan Super 400 is suitable for all smooth, jointless concrete surfaces in accordance with DIN 18202/3, line 5/6. Use with exposed concrete requirement SB3 and multiple reuse.

  • Supersize formwork panel made of special 3-ply wooden composite substrate for exposed concrete requirements up to SB 3
  • Melamine resin film coating 400g/m² on each side
  • Sealed edges

Technical dataDimensions in mmThickness mmWeight kg/m²Modulus of elasticity (N/mm²)Bending strength (N/mm²)
Westaspan Super 400

5500 x 2000








Subject to design modifications. Attention Reference values – these properties are not guaranteed.

Diagram for estimating the bending of the 21 mm panel

Technical advice: Area load calculated from pure concrete pressure without safety coefficients. Diagram applies to a 4-field beam, deflection in the outfield. Permissible bending stress = calculated with load safety factor 1.5 / load duration 0.9 / material safety 1.3. The technical data are mean values which may vary due to the natural fluctuations of the raw material wood.

Westafill joint tape

Single-sided self-adhesive polyethylene-based joint tape approx. 19 mm wide and 3 mm thick. It is used to seal the joints between formwork panels. The roll length of the Westafill joint tape is 10 m.

Westafill special filler resin

The high-quality two-component epoxy resin filler is suitable for shuttering construction, particularly for use with all film-coated plywood formwork panels from Westag.

Westafill special lacquer

The ready-to-use single-component paint offers a high degree of abrasion resistance and impact resistance, as well as good resistance to chemicals. It is used as edge protection for shuttering panels made of wooden composites.


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