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Magnoplan Special 680 – shuttering board with highly abrasion-resistant phenolic resin film coating

Magnoplan Special 680 is suitable for smooth, jointless concrete surfaces in accordance with DIN 18202/3, line 6. It will produce matt, even concrete surfaces with a medium to high number of reuses, primarily in precast concrete plants.

An overview of the main properties and benefits of our “Magnoplan Special 680” shuttering board:

  • Supersize formwork panel made of 3-ply laminboard based on DIN 68791
  • Highly abrasion-resistant, phenolic resin film coating 680 g/m² on each side
  • Sealed edges

Technical dataDimensions in mmThickness mmWeight kg/m²Modulus of elasticity (N/mm²)Bending strength (N/mm²)
Magnoplan Special 680

2000 x 5200







Test according to EN310. Subject to design modifications Attention Reference values – these properties are not guaranteed.

Diagram for bending estimation

Technical advice: Area load calculated from pure concrete pressure without safety coefficients. Diagram applies to a 4-field beam, deflection in the outfield. Permissible bending stress = calculated with load safety factor 1.5 / load duration 0.9 / material  safety 1.3. The technical data are mean values which may vary due to the natural fluctuations of the raw material wood. 

The Standard in Concrete Construction

The Standard in Concrete Construction


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