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Westafill special paint – excellent edge protection for our shuttering panels

Westafill special paint is a ready-to-use, weather-resistant, single-component polyurethane lacquer. It has a high degree of abrasion resistance and shockproofness, as well as a good resistance to chemicals. The hardened paint is excellent edge protection and is suitable for all Westag shuttering panels as well as for other versions made of wooden composites.

The prerequisite for good adhesion is a dry, absorbent, oil- and grease-free substrate. During application, the temperature must be at least +5 °C. Depending on the temperature, the drying time is approx. 30 to 60 minutes. The panels can be used after approx. 6 hours. Can be stored for approx. 6 months. Observe the user instructions.

Westafill special lacquer is used as high-quality edge protection for all Westag and other formwork panels made of wooden composites.

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