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Westag supersize formwork panels, the new MF top layer concept

Assignment of tasks

The demands placed on the visible concrete, usually SB3 or SB4, are many and varied within a project. In the individual subsections, the execution may vary and that of the wall supports may differ from that of the ceiling shuttering elements, for example. The optical visible concrete results ought to be as similar as possible, however, with regard to degree of gloss, coherence and porousness. In addition to the desired visible concrete results, the usage figures of the shuttering elements in each construction phase are an important factor when it comes to deciding on the individual shuttering board. Accordingly, the shuttering board with the best possible price/performance ratio is required for the need in question.


Various shuttering panels that differ in the structure of the substrate (plywood, block board, wood-based substrate), but have the same MF (melamine face) surface coating, allow the selection of the “correct” board (price/performance/number used) for the purpose in question while also achieving the same or a very similar fair-faced concrete surface.

Features and benefits to customers

Advantages of the Westag MF-top layer concept for shuttering construction

  • Supersize formwork panel made of veneer wood and laminboard as well as wooden composite substrates with and without veneer facing
  • Double-sided surface coating Type MF
  • Alkali-resistant formwork facing/top layer
  • Improvements to the mechanical properties of the surface
  • Increased light resistance
  • No red/brown colour change of panel
  • Discoloration due to possible interaction with phenolic resin coating no longer occurs
  • significant requirements of the visible concrete in conjunction with differing usage figures and board types in site concrete construction and prefab
  • Matt, robust and light-coloured surface for large-area concrete surfaces with as few joints as possible
  • A longer service life is possible when compared to classic phenolic resin coating

Betoplan Top MF

  • high number of uses* up to 15 uses (e.g. SB4, site concrete construction)
  • For walls and ceilings

Magnoplan MF

  • greater number of reuses* 2-6 uses (e.g. SB4, site concrete construction, wall or 1-3-use ceiling)
  • For walls and ceilings

Magnoply MF

  • Limited number of reuses* 1-5 uses (e.g. SB4, site concrete construction, wall)
  • for recesses, areas whose geometry changes frequently, walls

Westaspan MF

  • Limited number of reuses* 1-3 uses (e.g. SB4, site concrete construction, wall)
  • for recesses, areas whose geometry changes frequently, walls

* The number of reuses of the formwork panels depends on a number of factors, including the use, storage, weather conditions and handling on the building site. Test pouring of concrete, samples and references surfaces are strongly recommended in the case of visible concrete.