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Betoplan Top MF

Betoplan Top MF is very suitable for all smooth, jointless concrete surfaces with higher requirements in accordance with DIN 18202/3, line 7 (SB4). This large-surface shuttering skin can be used to produce matt and particularly even concrete surfaces. The shuttering panels, which have been designed for high reuse frequency, can be subjected to both longitudinal and transverse loads.

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Shuttering panels from Westag

We manufacture a large number of supersize formwork panels for various applications. We use special weather-proof glued wooden composite substrates such as veneered plywood, blockboard and particle boards. The materials offer very low moisture absorption and high-quality surface coating. We use melamine, phenolic resin and polypropylene coatings.

Practical: For perfect machining of our shuttering panels, we also offer you several formwork aids (e.g. joint tape and filler).