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The industrial floor panel “Decosieb” is based on high-grade veneered plywood. It has a melamine coating with decorative character and is manufactured as a dissipative version if required. It is suitable for demanding platform building and assembly platforms among other applications.


The industrial floor panel “Decosieb” is a decorative screen print panel made of waterproof glued veneered plywood. The face side is equipped with a fine decor and the reverse with a balancer.

Note: Project-related cutting to size and CNC machining possible!

Overview of the technical data for the industrial panel “Decosieb”:

  • Fire behaviour DIN EN 13501-1 Bfl -s1 (floor covering) test report no. 23 0004741-2 MPA-NRW
  • Test certificate no. 12 6236-S/10 MPI
  • Abrasion resistance DIN EN 13 329 AC 4
  • Screen print surface with anti-slip property DIN 51 130 Anti-slip class R11
  • Optional: Dissipative capacity of surface DIN EN 61340-4-1 10^6 – 10^9 Ohm test certificate no. ST-12-05-31-01
    • DIN EN 61340-5-1
    • Persons/footwear/floor system
    • Rg < 3.5 * 10^7 Ohm fulfilled with ESD
    • Footwear (RSch = 7.0 * 10^6 Ohm)
    • Test certificate no. ST-12-05-31-01
    • The requirements for classification in terms of electrostatic behaviour as “dissipative industrial flooring” (DIF), ambient condition class 1 (23° ±2°C; rel. air humidity 12% ±2%) are fulfilled.
    • Formats: max. 2.96x1.28cm

Sample order

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