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Discover the variety and design possibilities of FENIX Doors. Be inspired by creative ideas and innovative solutions.

FENIX Doors in the modern living room

Inspiringly modern: FENIX Doors brings a contemporary flair to the living space and radiates a calm, elegant atmosphere.

FX 0752 NTM Grigio Antrim

Elegance in Rosso Jaipur

A touch of sophistication and individuality: the door with FENIX surface in the colour Rosso Jaipur creates an inviting ambience that impresses every visitor.

FX 0751 NTM Rosso Jaipur

Stylish functionality: FENIX Doors in the office

This door in FENIX NTA combines professional flair with practical functionality, creating an efficient and styled working environment.

FX 5003 NTA Oro Cortez

The door as a design element

FENIX Door in the calm, matt dark green colour Verde Comodoro. The door emphasizes the cozy and calm atmosphere of neutral surroundings.

FX 0750 NTM Verde Comodoro

For doors that look like a single mould

The colour-matching ProEdge makes the door look as if it has been cast from a single mould, shown here in the colour Grigio Londra.

FX 0718 NTM Grigio Londra

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