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Discover the diversity of the FENIX Doors collection in FENIX NTM and FENIX NTA.

Die FENIX Doors Collection

FENIX Doors from Westag Türen include a range of matt, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint doors in hinged and sliding versions. The FENIX NTM colours give the doors an elegant and extremely matt appearance, as well as a solid and durable design. With this range of colours, the ProEdge offers a new range of impact-resistant and visually appealing profiles. The robust and dirt-repellent frame structure perfectly matches all FENIX NTM colours from the FENIX DOORS collection. The surface, profile and frame in the same colour give the impression that the doors have been created from a single cast. The FENIX NTA selection consists of refined metal surfaces. The characteristics of FENIX are also noticeable in metal doors, which retain the same matt appearance and strength. With their colour-coordinated frame, the metal doors are transformed into elegant design objects.

FENIX NTM Collection

FX 0757 NTM 
Bianco Dover

FX 0794 NTM 
Verde Kitami

FX 0725 NTM 
Grigio Efeso

FX 0750 NTM 
Verde Comodoro

FX 0752 NTM 
Grigio Antrim

FX 0754 NTM 
Blu Fes

FX 0724 NTM 
Grigio Bromo

FX 0790 NTM 
Viola Orissa

FX 0720 NTM 
Nero Ingo

FX 0751 NTM 
Rosso Jaipur

FX 0718 NTM 
Grigio Londra

FENIX NTA Collection

FX 5001 NTA 
Argento Dukat

FX 5000 NTA 
Acciaio Hamilton

FX 5003 NTA 
Oro Cortez

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