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Dunkelgrüne Innentür mit FENIX Farbe Verde Comodoro auf dem Türblatt

Doors with FENIX surface

Coming home, discovering new things, seeing old acquaintances again – doors open up more than just rooms. With the innovative materials from FENIX, they themselves become an experience: an extremely matt look and soft touch invite you to experience doors with all your senses.

Quality and innovation for matte doors

FENIX Doors is a collection by Westag Türen. These are doors with a FENIX surface on the door panel. It is soft to the touch and protects against fingerprints. If microscratches occur, they can be sealed by thermal healing.

Product benefits

FENIX Doors offers several advantages for living and object. From the robust surface to the easy maintenance of the FENIX material on the door. Find out more about the product features here.

With ProEdge for outstanding durability

ProEdge provides a colour-matched, impact resistant edge, available for all  FENIX NTM colours in the FENIX Doors collection.


FENIX was launched by Arpa Industriale in 2013. It is an innovative material for interiors developed by an international and multidisciplinary team. FENIX is carbon neutral since December 2021: find out more on the official website of FENIX.

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