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Extremely matt look and timeless colours: that is FENIX. The soft surface of the innovative material and the perfect finish make the furniture and kitchen fronts unique. For rooms with a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

In 16 colours, FENIX fronts inspire individual design concepts. They also prove day by day how robustness and elegance do not have to be a contradiction in terms: Due to the extremely closed acrylic surface, they are easy to clean and superficial micro-scratches can be thermally repaired.

Surface characteristics


FX 0757 NTM 
Bianco Dover

FX 0725 NTM 
Grigio Efeso

FX 0791 NTM
Giallo Evora

FX 0789 NTM 
Rosso Namib

FX 0032 NTM
Bianco Kos

FX 0748 NTM
Beige Arizona

FX 0751 NTM 
Rosso Jaipur

FX 0752 NTM 
Grigio Antrim

FX 0718 NTM 
Grigio Londra

FX 0790 NTM 
Viola Orissa

FX 0724 NTM 
Grigio Bromo

FX 0794 NTM 
Verde Kitami

FX 0754 NTM 
Blu Fes

FX 0720 NTM 
Nero Ingo

FX 0750 NTM 
Verde Comodoro

FX 0717 NTM 
Castoro Ottawa


For us, quality down to the last detail of processing also means creating an almost jointless transition from the surface to the edge. This zero-joint technology rounds off the harmonious overall impression: for kitchen and furniture fronts as if from a single mould.

You can choose between multiplex and chipboard as the base material.

Benefits at a glance

  • Extremely matt surfaces with anti-fingerprint properties
  • Well-cleanable due to closed surface
  • Thermal repairability of superficial micro-scratches
  • Elements from one cast (zerojoint technology for the edge)
  • High quality substrates: Multiplex or chipboard

Care instructions

Due to the extremely closed acrylic surface, FENIX is easy to clean. Learn more at fenixforinteriors.com