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Locks & Hinges

Our range of locks and hinges for doors offers a wide range of options to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. From standard single-action locks to high-security lock variants for residential entrance doors, as well as a variety of door hinges that can accentuate the design of a door element, we offer solutions for different applications and requirements.


For simple interior Interior doors, Class 1 single-point locks are often the standard – but the spectrum of available options ranges all the way up to technically and visually sophisticated variants with slam locks and magnets for quiet closing. For apartment doors with RC2 and RC3 Burglary prevention classification, locks with swing bolts and 3 or even 5-point locks provide greater security. For property and functional doors, the choice is almost endless, with special lock variants available for Fire prevention, wet rooms and radiation protection purposes. Locks for doors on emergency exit routes, constructions with double-leaf doors, and sliding doors also require highly specific designs.

Warded Lock (BB)

Lock PC (PZ)

Bathroom lock (BAD)


Door hinges can add a twist of their own to the design of a door set, especially when combined with handles. The material qualities and colour of these fitting parts should match one another, and ideally the finish of the door and frame, too. Like handles, most people will usually choose silver-finish or stain- less-steel hinges. However, black variants are becoming increasingly popular, and completely individual colouring is also possible for properties. When door sets need to meet high expectations in terms of design even when open, concealed hinges are often used instead of visible ones.

The range of options available for this is just as huge as it is for locks. Here too, the component needs to be able to meet a wide range of requirements for domestic use and – in the case of technical doors – provide a number of different functions. Whatever your application, we recommend always using hinges with 3D adjustment, as these provide the perfect conditions in terms of stability, durability, ease of installation, and post-installation adjustment. Below is a selection of our hinges, grouped by whether they are rebated or flush closing and whether they are designed for combination with wooden lining or steel frames.