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Door installation

Make the most of our expertise and fit your door yourself by following our instructions. This will not only save you money, but will also ensure the quality does not suffer. We will talk you through it step-by-step – with meaningful videos as well as descriptions, including a whole range of helpful tips. This will ensure you are fully informed and can proceed without any concerns.

Install your new hinged door yourself in only 10 steps

Part A: Preparatory measures

1st step: Remove the old door in a professional manner. If you are dealing with two-part hinges, you can simply remove the door from its housing. In the case of three-part hinges, undo the fixings first.

2nd step: Remove the profiled architrave of the door frame. If it refuses to budge, use a spanner to exert a little pressure to help.

3rd step: Now remove the second, adhered door frame element. You will need a hammer to do so. Apply more pressure than in step 2 when you were using the spanner.

Part B: Carrying out the measurements correctly

Wall-opening width

Wall-opening height

Wall thickness

4th step: Measure the wall-opening width – to make sure, do so at several points (this also applies to steps 5 and 6).

5th step: Measure the wall-opening height. When doing so, take the floor covering into account (e.g. tile height).

6th step: Measure the wall thickness. When doing so, ensure you take the wall construction into account (e.g. additional plastering).

These aids will help you to install your hinged door:

  • Filler (silicone)
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Phillips head
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Shims and wooden discs
  • Spirit level (short and long)
  • Carpenter’s rule
  • Struts (2)
  • Two-component installation foam

Part 3: Installing the door

7th step: Join the cross-sections and longitudinal sections. Ensure that the corner connectors are fixing the door frame components.

8th step: Place the housing in the intended openings. Use an Allen key to fix it in place.

9th step: Position the prepared door frame in the intended opening.

10th step: Fix the door frame element in at least two places. It is then embedded in the foam.