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Perfect care for your doors

Wood is the original material and is still extremely important today in furniture manufacturing in general, and in the manufacturing of doors in particular. Alongside classic wooden doors, high-quality finishes with lacquered and PVC-foil surfaces are now also available. 

The different materials are susceptible to different kinds of damage: Wood can be damaged by bright lights, intense sunlight or dry air from heating systems; lacquers and PVC foil may be scratched or otherwise damaged as a result of small accidents with heavy or sharp objects. All doors and materials will be affected by their surrounding conditions sooner or later. To ensure your door remains in top condition for as long as possible, you should always handle it carefully. It should be cleaned regularly and, more importantly, correctly.

GetaLit door and door frame surfaces are extremely easy to clean, thanks to their robustness. If they become dirty, we recommend you proceed as follows:

Doors with veneer, lacquering or foils

Slightly dirty doors can be cleaned using a chamois leather or a damp cloth. If Dekorit or Westalack doors are particularly dirty, it is best to use clean water and/or a soapy solution. Furniture polishes, waxes and similar products should not be used.

Doors with PVC-foil surfaces

First try to clean it with a damp cleaning cloth. If necessary, you can also use clean water and/or a non-abrasive household cleaner to remove the dirt. To remove particularly stubborn stains or marks – such as tar, wax crayons or water-resistant felt pens – use pure alcohol. Apply the alcohol with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid using wax, polish and abrasive materials.

Doors with glazing

Please note the following care instructions:

  • Never use abrasive materials, alkaline or strong cleaning agents. We also expressly advise against using a general glass cleaner.
  • Only use a soft, clean damp cloth to clean your glass door. A micro-fibre cloth is the most suitable. Try to clean larger areas of the door rather than smaller ones and avoid applying to much pressure.

General recommendations

In smoking areas, you can prevent yellow nicotine staining on individual elements (edges, seals, architraves, etc.) by cleaning the doors regularly. We recommend cleaning laminate surfaces once every three months.

Adhesive tapes, such as those used when renovating or painting, should be removed again as soon as possible. If these remain in place for a longer period of time, the adhesive may damage the decor.


All in all, our wood, PVC-foiled and glass doors do not require any complicated cleaning or maintenance. Follow our recommendations to ensure your door lasts for many years.

Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Our promise of quality

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