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Functional doors

Our functional doors offer a harmonious combination of design and efficiency. With a wide range of options, we are at your disposal to find the ideal door for your requirements.

From smoke protection doors to burglar resistance

Functional doors are far more than just simple passage openings - they fulfil specific requirements and make a significant contribution to the design and security of interior spaces. Whether in wet rooms, damp rooms or radiation protection areas - functional doors offer customised solutions for every requirement. They must not only be robust and durable, but also fulfil the special requirements of such environments.

Burglar-resistant doors offer increased security and protection against unwanted intrusion, while soundproof doors ensure a pleasant and quiet atmosphere in living and working areas.

Smoke protection doors are essential to prevent the spread of smoke gases in the event of a fire and to keep the escape route clear, while fire protection doors contain the spread of fire and thus create valuable time for evacuation measures.

Our functional doors offer a variety of solutions that take safety, design and convenience into account to the highest degree.

Our door functions at a glance

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