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Environment & Sustainability

Anyone who thinks about spaces also needs to think beyond them. The wood used in our doors is cultivated in sustainable forests. We are continuously working to make our processes and workflows less resource-intensive and our products more sustainable – with testing and validation provided by our quality assurance lab, independent audits, tight controls and certifications.

Made in Germany

Distances to our customers are short. For us, complying with – and exceeding – European environmental standards is a matter of course.

Sustainable raw materials

We procure the vast majority of our wood – our most important raw material – from certified sustainable forests.

Environmentally friendly production processes

We optimise our technology in many ways to reduce our impact on the environment. One example of this is the spraying robot on our door production line, which exclusively us water-soluble lacquers.

Energy generation and emissions

We recycle our wooden waste using our in-house cogeneration plant. Our flue gas dedusting system ensures that we comply with all the legal guidelines, often landing well below the threshold.

Tight controls

Our in-house QA lab and independent audits ensure safety.

Sustainable products

We produce high-quality, durable products that last for years, thus helping to save resources.


We conduct analyses of our material lifecycles in order to ensure transparency and identify areas for improvement.

Certificates and environmental seals of quality