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Doors with grooving

Matching interior design doesn´t stop at the door. Striking V-shaped grooves create clear lines - horizontal, vertical or a combination of the two. Recessed strip apertures and surface-mounted glass openings can turn your door into a real highlight, while doors with grooving lend the room indisputable character.


  • Clear layout of the line, thanks to V-shaped grooves
  • Combinable with strip apertures and glass openings
  • High-quality sevenfold lacquering Westalack Premium
  • Types

    Type 2510

    Type 2513

    Type 2514

    Type 2514-LB

    Type 2505-LA-1

    Type 2505-LA-1D

    Type 2505-LA-1B

    Type 2505-LB

    Type 2508-LB

    Type 2516

    Type 2515

    Type 2517

    Type 2504

    Type 2504-LB

    Type 2505

    Type 2505-LA-DIN

    Type 2505-LB-Q

    Type 2502

    Type 2502-LB

    Type 2508

  • Structure