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Doors with glass openings

  • Large selection of glazing also available as safety glazing
  • Mostly with easy-to-install plastic glazing bead
  • Colour-matched glazing beads for over 100 decors and lacquers

Doors as a light source: a wide range of design options

Glass openings turn doors into sources of light. Round or angular, slender or broad, maybe even with several glass sections in one door? Whatever your living style or property sector, you´re sure to find a variant to suit your individual needs. The glass is held in place by colour-matched glass beads.

  • Types

    Type LA-1000

    Type LA-100

    Type LA-40

    Type LA-3

    Type LA-18-21,5

    Type LA-KR 350

    Type LA-DIN

    Type LA-3Q

    Type LA-1

    Type LA-1D

    Type LA-1B