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Interior doors - Versatile solutions for every room

Interior doors are not only functional, but also a key design element in any room. Discover a wide selection of high-quality interior doors that not only meet your functional requirements, but also perfectly complement your individual style.

The versatility of interior doors: more than just passage openings

Interior doors are an elementary component of any living space that goes far beyond a functional role. On this page, we explore the different aspects of interior doors, from their materials and designs to their practical functions and importance in interior design. You can also find out how to find the right interior door and what to look out for when buying in our guide.

Table of contents
  • The classic: white interior doors 
  • Interior door variants
  • Functional properties of interior doors for comfort and security
  • Interior doors with frame: stability and elegance combined
  • Westag doors design series
  • FENIX Doors
  • Summarized: Interior doors as design elements


Interior doors play a crucial role in the design and functionality of any building, be it a home, an office or a public building. They not only define the flow and layout of the room, but also significantly shape the aesthetic appearance and atmosphere. At Westag, you will find an extensive selection of high-quality interior doors that not only meet functional requirements, but also suit your individual style and the requirements of different room types.

The classic: white interior doors 

Interior doors in white are still the most popular doors, as they are timeless classics that can be integrated into almost any room concept. They give rooms a bright and friendly ambience and make them appear larger. What's more, white interior doors are easy to combine with different interior design styles, whether modern, classic or Scandinavian. Their neutral color ensures that they never go out of style and adapt to changing interior design trends. Discover our white lacquered doors with Westalack surface.

Interior door variants

The variety of interior door variants is impressive and offers the right solution for every taste and every room concept. One popular variant is sliding doors, which not only save space but also offer a modern and elegant look. They are particularly suitable for small rooms or areas where a conventional door opening would limit the space. Another variant is the double-leaf doors, which consist of two door leaves and open in the middle. They offer a wide passage opening and are particularly suitable for larger rooms or areas where a generous opening is required. There are also flush-hinged doors, where the door leaf and frame are designed to be flush when closed. This variant offers an elegant look in combination with high-quality concealed hinges that cannot be seen when closed.

Functional properties of interior doors for comfort and security

Modern interior doors offer a range of functional features that increase comfort and security in your own home. Soundproof doors reduce noise levels and ensure a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Fire doors offer protection in the event of a fire and give you valuable time to evacuate. Burglar-resistant doors have special locking systems and materials that make intrusion more difficult, thus ensuring protection for you and your property. 

Interior doors with frames: stability and elegance combined

The frame of a door element plays an important role in the stability and functionality of the door. It forms the frame into which the door is hung and thus ensures a secure hold. With our frames, you have the option of choosing from different materials and designs to perfectly round off the style of your home. Wooden frames give the room a warm and natural atmosphere, while steel frames offer a modern and industrial look.

Westag Türen design series

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality interior doors, Westag offers a wide range of design series that stand for quality, aesthetics and functionality. From classic profile doors to high-quality designer doors, Westag offers a wide selection of interior doors that meet the highest demands. Each series offers a unique design and a range of functions to suit your individual needs. Here you will find an overview of our design series:

Doors in country house style

Our country-style interior doors, including the Provence, Bretagne and Piemont design ranges, convey timeless charm:

Designer doors

Our designer doors are characterized by their modern aesthetics and innovative design. The clear lines of the Lineo series, the subtle grooves of the Velvet Line and the V-shaped milling of the Westaline offer a wide range of options:


Unsere Schiebetüren bieten eine platzsparende Lösung für moderne Wohnräume. Mit ihrem eleganten Design und ihrer praktischen Funktionalität ermöglichen sie eine reibungslose Raumtrennung und maximieren gleichzeitig den verfügbaren Platz:


Our FENIX Doors collection combines innovative technology with aesthetic design and offers a matt look and soft feel on the door. Their durable coating makes them scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to clean. These properties make FENIX Doors not only an extremely practical choice, but also an eye-catcher in any room: FENIX Doors

Buying interior doors: Tips and recommendations

Buying interior doors is an important decision that has a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of your home. To help you make the right choice, we have put together some helpful tips and recommendations here:

1. Measure the room carefully: Before you start shopping for interior doors, it's important to determine the exact dimensions of the wall openings. Measure the width and height of the opening in several places to make sure the door will fit properly. 

2. Choose the right type of door: There are different types of doors, such as the classic hinged or sliding doors. Consider the available space and the desired style to choose the right door type for your needs.

3. Consider interior style: The interior doors should fit in harmoniously with the furnishing style of your home. Consider whether you want to opt for classic wooden doors, modern design doors or timeless white doors.

4. Consider the functions: Think about the features you want in your interior doors. Are additional features important to you, e.g. in terms of sound and fire protection? Should the door have a special locking mechanism? Clarify these questions in advance to find the right door for your needs.

5. Find out about installation options: Consider whether you want to install the doors yourself or leave the installation to a professional. Some doors require special installation equipment or expertise, so it's important to find out in advance.

Buying interior doors requires careful planning and consideration. With these tips and recommendations, you can ensure that you make the right choice and find interior doors that meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements. If you have any further questions or need support, our experts are always happy to help.

To summarize: Interior doors as design elements

Interior doors are more than just functional building elements. With a wide range of materials, designs and functional properties, they offer endless possibilities for adding a personal touch to any room and creating a comfortable ambience. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless style or a modern design, interior doors are an essential part of interior design.

With our high-quality products, you can add style to your home while enjoying comfort and security. 

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