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  • Can be mounted directly upon the wall or with a frame
  • Easy to install post- construction
  • Lockable with an end post
  • Also suitable for contract properties – can carry doors up to 80 kg in weight
  • Available in wide range of decors and Westalack


Sliding doors are spatial sorcerers – with just a small movement of the hand, they can increase the size of a living area and create space to move around in. And as if that weren’t enough, they also fit in small spaces, niches and narrow passageways. Sliding doors that run in front of walls are easy to install, even after the original construction. They are available with or without frames, with optional locking mechanisms, and their look can even be tailored to match your other doors.

  • Construction variants

    The basic version: the sliding door element is fitted directly upon the wall. A high-quality guiderail ensures that the door slides quietly and smoothly. The discreet cover angle in a matching decor covers the guide rail completely. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

    The basic version (left) is extended using an end post. This construction allows the sliding door to be locked.

    For anyone wishing to hide the open wall reveal, a sliding door construction including door frame is the right choice. Our recommendation: Can also be retrofitted using existing Westag door frames.

    The sliding door construction with door frame (left) is extended using an end post that allows the sliding door to be locked. No further equipment is required.

    Our recommendation: All sliding door elements can be fitted with an optional damping function for opening and closing.