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When it comes to choosing doors for living spaces, design is often the dominating factor. But the “internal values” of a doors shouldn’t be forgotten, either.

Functional doors

Functional doors are also recommended for use in living spaces, as they can greatly improve comfort in a number of ways:

  • Soundproof doors for offices, bedrooms and utility rooms
  • Energy-saving doors for unheated attics and basements
  • Water-resistant doors for bathrooms


Apartment entrance doors

Designed to match the interior doors, but with additional functions – after all, apartment entrance doors need to meet stricter requirements and handle greater stresses and strains in terms of climate. Burglar protection also has an important role to play. Doors with higher resistance classes can be fitted with additional options such as three-point locks and hinge-side protection devices to prevent them from being levered open, thus providing greater security.

Sliding doors

Living space is becoming more and more scarce. For new builds and rebuilds alike, when it comes to making the most of small spaces, sliding doors are always a great choice. They are a great way of partitioning off a small area for use as a home office, for example. A glass sliding door or a sliding door with a glass opening also brings more light into a room, and establishes a visual connection between the partitioned space and the rest of the apartment.