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Hotels house a multitude of different room types under one roof. From bedrooms to spas, each one comes with its own specific requirements in terms of door functionality. At the same time, all these doors need to fit within a strict design concept.


Doors made to match with the same decor as the edge and frame are the perfect fit for this concept. Solutions like ProEdge can provide a harmonious aesthetic and high resistance levels, too. Costs can be optimised by combining different door surfaces with the same decor that are going to be used for different applications and subjected to different stresses and strains. Using the same surfaces throughout your interior design on elements such as wall cladding, partitions and furniture will really round off the look and feel of a property.

Damp and wet room

Doors at swimming pools and in shower and spa areas need to be able to withstand splashes and high humidity levels. It is important to ensure that all the components are optimised for use in a damp environment. This means the following features are essential:

  • Frame structures that prevent the entry of moisture, e.g. ProEdge, PU-Edge or plastic surface-mounted edging
  • Corrosion-proof hinges
  • Splash-proof frames for damp rooms and stainless steel frames for wet rooms


A lot of people in one place usually means a lot of noise. As such, sound- proofing is particularly important in such situations. Seal-tight doors with three-sided seals and adjustable floor seals ensure that residents can sleep undisturbed.