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Doors for schools, universities, vocational colleges and kindergartens need to check a large number of boxes. They must withstand a lot of stress and strain, enhance security and aid orientation.

Surfaces & Design

Doors with HPL surfaces are particularly well-suited to use in the education sector. They are extremely sturdy and can be combined with a wide rage of functions, such as soundproofing, while their plain decors provide a colourful, child-friendly environment and – even more importantly – help the children to find their way around more easily.

Injury prevention

Children often have things other than their own safety in mind. There are several ways to protect them from injury and accidents around doorways:

  • Doors with rounded edges
  • Finger guard mechanisms where the hinges meet to prevent fingers from getting crushed
  • Side glass elements to provide a clear view of the path ahead

Combining fire prevention with accessibility

Doors in public facilities need to comply with fire safety requirements while also guaranteeing accessibility:

  • Free-swing door closers close automatically in case of smoke or fire
  • Panic locks – often combined with panic bars or push bars – ensure that a door can be opened from the inside at any time during an emergency, even if it is locked. These solutions also facilitate quick evacuation in case of an emergency.