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In offices, hospitals, hotels, schools and homes around the world, doors are increasingly stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Surfaces, decors and design series provide a means of orientation with strong colours in kindergartens, create a cosy atmosphere in hospital wards, and reflect corporate design in office spaces. However, sophisticated engineering for a wide range of door functions is equally important. Let our colleagues inspire you to rethink your space.

Living & Design

»Was the door intended merely as a means to an end? Usually smooth and white, it has often been no more than an afterthought in a room. But the modern door is becoming increasingly important as an aspect of interior design. With our wide range of configuration options, almost anything is possible for a creative mind. I never cease to be amazed by the wide range of surfaces, colours, decors and structures we offer – to bring every interior design style and trend to life. And we’re always working on new products, too – right now, the ‘Matt & Metal’ surfaces from FENIX and Homopal are my absolute favourite.«

Salvatore Figliuzzi | Head of Marketing and Strategy Westag AG



»A hotel door needs to speak two languages: that of the corporate design, and that of its function. That’s a challenge we love to tackle. Uniqueness and recognisability are becoming more and more important to hotels and hotel chains. With surfaces designed to match the wall cladding or the room’s furniture, our doors blend in seamlessly with the overall design. The details of the design are incredibly important to us – and that goes for the fitting technology too. After all, our clients’ requirements are just as diverse as the number of places our doors are used – from hotel rooms to conference as well as event suites, and even spa areas.«

Alexander Sasse | Head of Price/Product Management Westag AG & Ludger Thiele | Seminar Facilitator/Product Manager Westag AG




»When I visit hospitals, it always makes me proud to see the performance our doors provide in the hustle and bustle of daily medical work. It goes without saying that they need to fulfil many different functions, be extremely robust, and also easy to clean. At the same time, wood decors and homely colours mean that they are now increasingly adding a natural feel and warmth to hospital wards. This is all thanks to our Getalit HPL decors, which we produce ourselves, and are thus highly customisable. Environments like this improve the recovery process, and also enhance the well-being of doctors and carers.«

Mathias Lingnau | Key Account Manager Object Solutions Westag AG



»Wherever there’s children about, doors require a special set of skills. In kindergartens, playschools and schools, doors need to be both sturdy and accessible. For instance, panic locks ensure that a door can be opened from the inside at any time during an emergency, even if it is locked. Round- ed edges and a special finger guard mechanism prevent injuries. Strong colours also improve accessibility by helping to provide orientation, while glass elements allow for a clear view of the corridor ahead.«

Frederic Roth | Technical Development Westag AG



»Creating an office people look forward to working in is a question of design – and doors are design. Our customers never cease to be amazed by what is possible – doors with metallic surfaces that feel warm and comfortable, for example, or with fanlights and semi-transparent side panels that let more light into rooms, like extra windows. Our doors are our way of helping make offices places where people love to come together – particularly in a time where so many have become used to working from home, and when competition for skilled workers is so fierce.«

Holger Jacke | Head of In-House Sales Westag AG & Nicole Muhl | In-House Sales/Project Calculation Westag AG