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A film explaining the main aspects of our company philosophy in words and images

You need to know people to know what they need.

We demand from ourselves that we offer customers of Westag AG the very best at all times. We have designed our company based on this premise – from the well-thought-out planning of our production processes to the selection of high-grade raw materials and their processing into first-class products right through to on-time delivery of the finished goods. You can rely on us in all matters!


For me, partnership means being on an equal footing and showing one another respect. It's about growing together and trust-based collaboration. Just like a good marriage, it's important to listen, work as a team, be considerate and take a proactive approach.

Markus Schulte (Area Manager)


We are one big family. We have a great community. I’ve worked at Westag for the last 20 years and I like working here. The people I see each day are not just colleagues, they are friends. We enjoy our workplace and our work. One very important aspect is laughing a lot!

Arno Schnippenkötter (Doors Service Team)


For me, a good team is when we complement each other on a daily basis. It's when we help and support one another and it all happens fairly discreetly. The team members understand one another well, so there’s no need to involve other colleagues. With this kind of team, work is fun. And that is a marker of good teamwork.

Holger Jacke (Head of Sales)


Reliability begins with sticking to internal deadlines and agreements in day-to-day working life with our colleagues. We can only offer our clients the quality they seek on a long-term basis if reliability permeates our daily working lives. Reliability will then be a characteristic feature of our deliveries, service and punctuality.

Herbert Horstkemper (Quality Assurance)


Our professional approach involves listening carefully in order to identify and understand the requirements and preferences of our clients. We cater for individual customer requirements and offer expert advice. The way we work is geared towards finding solutions. Combined with the excellent quality of our products, this service sets us apart as a professional partner for our clients.

Julia Adolf (Export Sales)


‘Responsibility’ is rather a complex word. But I think it’s important to fill it with life. It’s not just about products and quality, or about the employees. For me, it’s also about our clients and the future we all share. Although it does comes down to individuals, it actually affects us all, in every area of life. As an employee of Westag, I want to play my part.

Bastian Minuth (Door/Frame Production)