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Puristic elegance – the Westaline design series

The simple doors in our Westaline design series make a big impact. Their timeless yet modern look and wide range of potential applications make them a popular choice. They are also easy to combine with other colours, thanks to their elegant lacquering. What’s more, their optional glass openings make even dark rooms feel bright and welcoming.

The design doors range

Always timeless

A timeless look is an important criterion in any type of home furnishing. It takes a special hand to combine sleek, classic elements with a trendy, modern flair, creating a sophisticated, visually appealing product that can be experienced as a whole.

With the doors in our Westaline series, we provide interior design elements for every need. These doors all draw on this compelling combination of understated elegance and strikingly modern detail that is en vogue today.

The Westaline door series – casual and richly accented

The modern lacquering used in our Westaline door series is lively and fresh, subtle and timeless, and above all, exudes tranquillity. The cleverly integrated groove structure is a prominent feature here. Stylish groove textures set harmonious accents and brighten up the room. Enjoy the fascinating effect of our Westaline doors!

Type 2505
classic white,
similar to
RAL 9010

Type 2505
arctic white
similar to
RAL 9016

Type 2505
similar to
RAL 7047

Type 2505
similar to
RAL 7004

All colours at a glance


White, grey or traditional brown – which colour should your new Westaline door be? Each colour category includes a range of different shades to choose from. Fans of lighter tones and darker shades alike will find their dream door here.

You will find all colours, models and glass options in the Westaline door series here

The design doors range

Doors with subtle V-groove milling

Our Westaline doors include an interesting detail: The subtle V-groove milling creates a thoroughly modern look and adds a touch of flair in the high-quality WestaLack finish.

Type 2502

Type 2502-LB
Transparent glass

Type 2504

Type 2504-LB
Motif Spider

Type 2505

Type 2514

Type 2505-LA-1
Transparent glass

Type 2505-LA-1B
Transparent glass

Type 2505-LA-1D
Transparent glass

Type 2505-LA-DIN
Transparent glass

Type 2505-LB
Motif Fourliner

Type 2505-LB-Q
Motif straight

Type 2508

Type 2510

Type 2513

White Westaline doors in action

Our Westaline doors in ‘arctic white’ and ‘classic white’ lacquering look impressively stylish in many different interior settings. Against dark walls and furniture, they are a clear eye-catcher, and in light-coloured rooms, they blend in elegantly with the existing furnishings. The stylish groove texture is showcased in each version without being visually overwhelming, making our Westaline doors the perfect way to separate your rooms, no matter your decor.

Design door Westaline type 2505 and 2505-LB with the Fourliner glazing in flush-closing version. Classic white lacquering (similar to RAL 9010).

Design door Westaline type 2505 in classic white lacquering (similar to RAL 9010).

Design door Westaline type 2505 in flush-closing version. Classic white lacquering (similar to RAL 9010).

Design door Westaline type 2505-LB-Q with Satinato white glazing in agate lacquering (similar to RAL 7015).

Design door Westaline type 2508 in arctic white lacquering (similar to RAL 9016).

Explore our timeless yet modern Westaline doors and find the model that best suits your taste.

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