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One system – many possibilities

The transparent and space-saving concept of contemporary architecture is put into practiceby adding some room for the customer's glass sliding doors to the 40/80 sliding door system. Whether you want to keep things simple by quickly and easily mounting the system direct-ly on the wall, or whether you'd rather have it as a highlight when renovating an existing frame, our sliding door system provides many benefits. The system can be combined perfectly with other doors, thanks to the same decorations and paintwork.

New sliding glass doors – The recording expands the range of applications

Sliding glass doors create an open and bright living ambience. This is one reason why they are often used in combination with smooth doors in the living room. By adding a receptacle for the customer's sliding glass doors to the "40/80" sliding door system, the system now offers even more flexibility. Sliding glass doors can be integrated into the system and thus optimally combined with other or existing doors and frames. In order to also ensure a uniform appearance when combining glass and standard doors, the system can be perfectly adapted using the same decors and lacquering.

Construction variants