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Sliding doors – space-saving, straightforward and classy

Our new sliding doors meet the most demanding requirements. They save space and allow you to design your living space in an open format. Sliding doors are also ideal for use in commercial properties, as they are designed to be durable and to ensure accessibility. Our diverse range of decors and finishes and our easy-to-install single- or double-leaf doors give you a broad spectrum of options for designing your space.

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Sliding door versions with WC lock and end post in the same decor. Alternatively available with a warded lock or profile cylinder lock.

The guide rail cover in matching decor ensures a smooth visual transition between the guide rail system and the sliding door leaf.

Thanks to the door’s special construction, it can be fitted entirely from the front. The height of the door leaf can be adjusted after the door is mounted.

Perhaps you don’t have much space in certain areas of your home, or you simply want to create a more open floor plan. Or maybe you’re looking for sturdy, hygienic, safe solutions to combine or separate your rooms in an accessible way. In all of these cases, a sliding door is the perfect answer. Our new product range has something for every need. The height of the shell handle, at an easy-to-reach 850 mm, guarantees accessibility. The ‘System 40’ (door weights of up to 40 kg) and ‘System 80’ (door weights of up to 80 kg) versions ensure that we always have the ideal solution for your individual needs. Single- and double-leaf sliding doors can be implemented in both living spaces and commercial properties.

Easy to fit, easy to mix and match

When developing our new range of sliding doors, we placed particular emphasis on ensuring that the doors are easy to install. This means that the systems can be mounted entirely from the front, which requires minimum effort. The modular structure of the systems means that they are as easy to install upon the wall as they are to fix to a passageway frame. The latter type of installation requires an appropriate adapter guide rail. This makes it possible to retrofit existing Westag door frames with new sliding doors.

Whether you plan to mount the door on the wall or a passageway frame, we offer both lockable and non-lockable versions. Additionally, we designed our systems in such a way that the distance between the door leaf and the wall can be adjusted. What’s more, the height of an installed door leaf can be adjusted from the front at any time. All versions are available with an optional damping function for opening and closing; this function can also be retrofitted.

Our extensive range of decors and finishes

Both sliding door systems are available with honeycomb, hollow chipboard and solid chipboard door leaves. We produce them in a range of different finishes. In terms of applications for living spaces, our product range extends from the simple DekoRit finish foil door and the durable PortaLit doors with a CPL top layer to the lacquered WestaLack door leaves. These versions are available in wall opening sizes of up to 2130 x 1260 mm and can be combined with a passageway frame in the same decor. Our product range for commercial properties also includes sliding doors as GetaLit elements that can handle the most extreme conditions thanks to their HPL top layer. In this case, the wall opening can be a maximum of 2505 x 1260 mm (with door frame) or 2477 x 1205 mm (without door frame).

Construction variants

The basic version: The sliding door element is fitted directly upon the wall. A high-quality guide rail ensures the door slides quietly and smoothly. The discreet cover angle in a matching decor covers the guide rail reliably. It does not get any simpler. 

The basic version (left) is extended using an end post. This construction allows the sliding door to be locked.

For anyone wishing to hide the open wall reveal, a sliding door construction including door frame is the right choice.

Our recommendation
Can also be retrofitted using existing Westag door frames.

The sliding door construction with door frame (left) is extended using an end post that allows the sliding door to be locked. Nothing further is required.

Our recommendation
All sliding door elements can be fitted with an optional damping function for opening and closing.

Practical, beautiful and functional – makes life easier for handicapped persons

Complex manoeuvring required when passing through a standard hinged door.

Sliding doors as a practical alternative

Our promise of quality

Highest product quality and long product life cycles. We’ve stood for these values with our name for many years.