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Clear lines with stylish accents – the Lineo design series

The doors in the Lineo design series offer an unusual, creative take on the modern trend towards clear lines and sleek textures.

Their accents are subtle – but the impact is huge. The high-quality, stainless-steel-look strip inserts truly stand out, lending the Lineo doors an extraordinary elegance.

The Lineo range

Minimalist design with maximum ambience

The most striking aspect of the Lineo door series is its minimalist design and cool look. This restrained approach makes them incredibly versatile.

The sophisticated, integrated details offer that certain “je ne sais quoi”. They draw the eye and play a huge role in establishing a classy ambience. 

The cleverly harmonised, clear lines in living spaces have made a lasting impact on Lineo doors.

Straight lines in a variety of playful patterns – the Lineo design series draws its inspiration from a number of prominent role models.

Striking colours and subtle details with a stainless steel look

The powerful impression made by doors in our Lineo design series is the result of combining imposing elements with more delicate details. Powerful colours form the basis for the design, and are offset by the slender strip inserts with stainless steel look. The strip inserts are inset perfectly into the door leaf with a slight protrusion – this gives the Lineo doors their unique character and will lend your living space an ultra-modern look.

A versatile series to match any style

Living space or office – the doors in our elegant Lineo design series will ooze style wherever you install them, and at any time of day. Their special design combines a sleek, modern look with creative nuances to make an overwhelmingly impressive whole. Lineo doors are available with horizontal or vertical strip inserts. Selected models also come with a built-in strip aperture in a choice of glass materials for that extra touch of class.

Type 3605

Type 3605-LB
Transparent glass

Type 3605-LB-Q
Transparent glass

Type 3605-LA-1 
Transparent glass

Type 3606

Type 3602

Type 3602-LB
Transparent glass

Type 3604

Type 3604-LB
Transparent glass

Lineo doors work perfectly in any room

The design of the Lineo doors is minimalist, yet also charming and attractive, making them perfectly compatible with absolutely any room. They are the ideal match for a cosy living room, but also work just as well in a functional home office. This enormous versatility is one of the greatest strengths of Westag’s top-class Lineo design series.

Lineo 3605 type design door in PortaLit® agate (A 411).

Lineo 3605 type design door in PortaLit® alpine white (A 221).

Lineo 3604 type design door in PortaLit® agate (A 411).

Lineo 3606 type design door in PortaLit® amber oak cross (A 727).

Lineo 3605-LB-Q type design door with Satinato glazing in PortaLit® cement (A 446).

Check out the impressively versatile Lineo design door range and find inspiration for an elegant, functional modernisation of your space.

The design doors range

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