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Terminology made easy: Doors & frames

What do ‘DIN direction left’ and ‘DIN direction right’ mean? What exactly are the different types of door leaf cores? And what do words like ‘rebated’ or ‘flush-closing’ mean in the context of door leaves? We are happy to provide you with clear, concise explanations of these and other important terms related to doors and frames.

  • Closing directions according to DIN

    Standard interior doors (hinged doors)

    DIN direction left
    The hinges are on the left-hand side when the door is closed.

    DIN direction right
    The hinges are on the right-hand side when the door is closed.

    Sliding doors – Systems running in front of the wall

                               DIN direction right

                  DIN direction left

    Sliding doors – Systems running inside the wall

                         DIN direction right

                   DIN direction left

  • Door edge options

    Rectangular edges

    Doors with rectangular edges are available in every single Westag finish, from Portalit to Westalack.

    Rounded segmental arch edge RK-S

    Doors with a postforming round edge (RK-S) are available in all decors in the Portalit and Dekorit series of finishes.

    Rounded segmental arch edge RK-S

    Doors with a segmental arch edge are available in Westalack white and trend lacquer finishes.

  • Door leaf cores

    Solid chipboard core

    A solid chipboard core is a good choice for doors that are exposed to high wear. It is also recommendable for apartment entrance doors that have to comply with noise protection requirements, in combination with floor sealing.

    Hollow chipboard core

    For home builders whose primary focus is quality, we recommend interior doors with a hollow chipboard core. They are the sturdiest option, providing a maximum of stability and ensuring that the door will last for many years to come.

  • Rebate options

    Rebated door leaf

    A rebated door leaf is supported by the architrave of the door frame.

    Flush-closing door leaf

    A flush-closing door leaf does not have a rebate and is flush with the door frame.