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Sliding doors – Practical. Timeless.

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for your home if you are looking to save space while maintaining an open, airy design. You can decide when to make two rooms into one large space, or when it makes sense to keep those rooms separate. We have a range of different models, all available in a myriad of designs. From sleek to opulent: These timeless, practical sliding doors will perfectly match your furnishing style and add an attractive touch to your home.

Enjoy pure lightness with our sliding doors

Our sliding door system ‘40/80’ can be fitted upon the wall or a matching Westag wooden frame extremely quickly and easily. Subtle style and clear lines lend our sliding door elements a particular lightness and elegance.

The benefits of our sliding door systems at a glance:

  •  Can be fitted quickly and easily entirely from the front
  •  Can be fitted directly upon the wall or passageway frame using an adapter guide rail
  •  Both fixing types are based on the same modular system
  •  Can be fitted to an existing Westag wooden lining frame
  •  Distance to wall can be variably adjusted
  •  Height can be adjusted from the front after mounting
  •  Damping for opening/closing optionally available for all door widths; can also be retrofitted
  •  Non-locking version can open in DIN direction left or right, thanks to its symmetrical construction
  •  Lockable versions optional, with end post and circular deadbolt (warded lock, profile cylinder lock or bathroom door lock)
  •  Streamlined look, thanks to 55 mm-high guide rail cover
  •  Uniform design for the “living room” and “commercial property” versions
  •  Same look as standard door sets from Westag
  •  Strip apertures and glass openings with glazing optionally available
  • Our Tip

    It’s easy to combine your preferred sliding door with an existing Westag wooden frame.

Our systems in detail

  • ‘40/80’ sliding door system (running in front of the wall)

    These sliding doors are either screwed directly onto the wall or combined with a standard passageway frame. They are equipped on both sides with circular shell handles. If you are looking for a lockable model or a lavatory door, we recommend opting for the version with a circular deadbolt and posts. Sliding doors running in front of the wall can also be retrofitted to an already existing Westag frame.

    Our premium sliding door system ‘40/80’ can be combined with the designer doors from the following series:

    •  Westaline
    •  Smartline
    •  Lineo

    A number of different door series can be combined with the ‘80 Kilogram’ system:

    • View (horizontal glazing only)
    • Provence

    Overview of the glass opening options available for the ‘40/80’ system:

    •  LA-DIN
    •  LA-KR
    •  LA-1000
    •  LA-100
    •  LA-40
    •  LA-18-21,5
    •  LA-1
    •  LA-1B
    •  LA-1D
    •  LA-3
    •  LA-3Q

    The following finishes are available for sliding doors and passageway frames:

    •  DekoRit®
    •  PortaLit®
    •  WestaLack®
    •  WestaLife®
    •  GetaLit®

    The basic version: The sliding door element is fitted directly upon the wall. A high-quality guide rail ensures the door slides quietly and smoothly. The discreet cover angle in a matching decor covers the guide rail reliably. It does not get any simpler. 

    The basic version (left) is extended using an end post. This construction allows the sliding door to be locked.

    For anyone wishing to hide the open wall reveal, a sliding door construction including door frame is the right choice. 

    Our recommendation:
    Can also be retrofitted using existing Westag door frames.

    The sliding door construction with door frame (left) is extended using an end post that allows the sliding door to be locked. Nothing further is required.

    Our recommendation:
    All sliding door elements can be fitted with an optional damping function for opening and closing.

  • System for customers´glass sliding doors (running in front of the wall)
  • Sliding door systems (running inside the wall)

    Great entrance – discreet departure

    Sleeping and dressing, cooking and eating, living and working. Sliding doors running inside the wall are not only space savers but also a sophisticated way of linking different living areas. One gentle hand movement – and its time for your door’s great entrance. A second touch and it disappears silently in the wall. Lovers of aesthetic living value the space gained. Because furniture, pictures, lamps and accessories can be placed directly against the wall. 


    Scope of delivery

    On-site components

    Construction variants 

    Sliding door running inside the wall for made-to-measure, customised installation in wall openings already available on site. The transition from wall opening to door frame must be prepared accordingly.

    Sliding doors running inside the wall for prefabricated cabinet systems. The pre-built designs from renowned manufacturers are installed in drywalls or masonry. The specially matching door frame reliably covers the edges of the wall opening.

  • Closing directions according to DIN for sliding doors: DIN direction = Closing direction

    DIN direction right

    DIN direction left

    DIN direction right

    DIN direction left

  • Accessibility

    Practical, beautiful and functional – makes life easier for handicapped persons

    Complex manoeuvring required when passing through a standard hinged door

    Sliding doors as a practical alternative

Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Our promise of quality

Highest product quality and long product life cycles. We’ve stood for these values with our name for many years.