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Door frames as the perfect symbiosis between function and design

Door frames from our entire range are appealing not only for their function but their appearance too. They ensure each door leaf is stable on the wall. Furthermore, they complete the overall look of each door. Discover our diverse range of door frames – smooth or profiled, rounded or rectangular, made of wood or steel – you’re bound to find a finish to suit your tastes.

The benefits of our door frames at a glance

Our door frames will impress you with their stability and ease of installation. By using the latest technology, Westag door frames are manufactured to the highest quality, which also ensures that they can be mounted efficiently. Reap the benefits of the significantly reduced installation time, and the resulting reduced installation costs.

Special eccentric system
It guarantees a strong, precise connection between the architrave beading of the cross-sections and longitudinal sections. It makes it possible to carry out further adjustments smoothly and without any problems.

Extra-strong locking plate
Compared with standard door frames, our models offer tear-out resistance that is up to 30 percent higher.

Easily adjustable door frame lip
The stabilising inner sealing lip can be removed by hand. This means it is very easily adjustable if the door hinge is too stiff. There is no need to make any changes to the installed door frame.

Jamb plate with clamp/screw connection
The extremely stable, non-positive connection between the cross-sections and longitudinal sections of the jamb plate is particularly durable. This means it can withstand pre-mounted and glued door frames being carried over several floors, without the glue-joint coming away. This reduces the need for subsequent gluing and additional installation effort.

Housing with fixing pins
The frame part sits immediately in the correct position. This means that when the door frame has been exactly fitted (both vertically and horizontally), the door will press against the door frame seal perfectly. As a consequence, adjustment work is kept to the bare minimum.


Numerous door frame finishes

The wooden lining frame is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated door frame systems. It is available for all standard wall thicknesses as well as with architraves widths of up to 100 mm. You can choose your favourite from a variety of versions in any style from modern to classical. The flush-closing versions are particularly popular: They follow the trend for elegant, flush-fitting doors and door frames.


Standard wooden frame with rounded edges (type SL)

Rounded off nicely – no matter the finish. Suitable for all door leaves with rectangular or round edges. Also available with architrave widths of 65, 75, 80 and 100 mm. 

Wooden frame with narrow rounded edge (type SE)

The modern radius – for rectangular and round door edges. Also available with architrave widths of 65, 75, 80 and
100 mm. 

Profiled wooden frame P1

Profile preferred! Our profiled door frames are the favourites in our Provence series of country house doors. Available in the WestaLack® classic white (RAL 9010) finish. 

Determining door frame dimensions easily

The following table will help you to correctly calculate the dimensions for your wooden lining frame.

Ordering size 65 70 80 100 125 145 165 185
Adjustment range: from 65 70 80 100 121 141 161 181
to 75 80 96 116 141 161 181 201
Ordering size (mm)   205 225 240 270 290 310 330 ¹⁾
Adjustment range: from   201 221 236 266 286 306 326
to   221 241 256 286 306 326 346

Ordering size     80 100 125 145 165 185
Adjustment range: from     80 100 121 141 161 181
to     90 116 141 161 181 201
Ordering size (mm)   205 225 240 270 290 310 330 ¹⁾
Adjustment range: from   201 221 236 266 286 306 326
to   221 241 256 286 306 326 346

¹⁾ Available for wall thicknesses up to 620 mm 

The right door frame for all requirements

Double-leaf element with fanlight

Element with top panel

Element with two side panels

Door set with side panel
and fanlight

Door set with two side panels and fanlight

Passageway frame

Double-leaf element

Element with fanlight

Door set with one side panel

Double-leaf element with top panel

It’s that easy to fit a standard wooden lining frame.

This concise video (two minutes approx. run-time) includes important information about installing a standard wooden lining frame, including tips about correct working methods and knocking out the profiled architrave.

Are you interested in one of our doors, too? Then simply design your dream door using our configuration tool.


Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Our promise of quality

Highest product quality and long product life cycles. We’ve stood for these values with our name for many years.