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The whole range of Laminit decors at a glance:

We offer you a large selection of Laminit decors. The line-up ranges from classically sleek single-colour designs in “arctic white” or “semi-gloss white” through to elegant wood reproductions in lighter and darker shades, such as “natural maple” or “walnut”. Which decor convinces you the most?

GetaDoor Laminit for carefree family fun

In homes with children and/or pets, the furniture often has a lot to endure. GetaDoor Laminit is the finish that withstands all the pressures of a happy family life.

  • You have children and pets running round your home?
  • A durable and long-lasting door is a must?
  • It should also be low-maintenance and easy to care for?
  • It is important that the door matches your style 100 percent?

Did you say “a definite yes” to at least two of these questions? Then there is no doubt about it, you are the Laminit type!

There’s never a dull moment in family homes.

Yet our premium Laminit line easily manages to balance the different requirements: The door line looks great, is especially sturdy, very easy to care for, and thanks to the highly compacted surface (HPS) retains is beautiful look for years. State-of-the-art machines are used to manufacture the doors. You can rely on the high-quality result.

  • High-quality surface properties
  • Very sturdy
  • Very wear-resistant
  • Impact- and scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to cigarette burns

Finish category

Surface properties



Resistant to gentle cleaning agents



Steam-resistant in accordance with 1), 5)

Impact-resistant in accordance with 4), 6)

Resistant to cigarette ash in accordance with 1), 5)

Resistant to standard household chemicals in accordance with 1), 2)

GL 424
Platinum Oak Along

GL 880
Flowery Beech

GLQ 424
Platinum Oak 

GL 222
Arctic White

GL 736

GL 223
White Silk Mat

GL 74
Rustic Maple

GL 24
Plain White

GL 793
Artis Oak Along

GL 230
Pine White Along

GLQ 793
Artis Oak

GLQ 230
Pine White

GLQ 335
Oak Ferox

GL 402
Light Grey

GL 310
Pale Oak

GL 416
Titanium Grey

We work with numerous DIY stores across Germany. Find our trade partner near you. You can take a closer look at GetaDoor products and buy directly in the store. In addition, you will get more detailed information about the machining of the doors, door frames and accessories on site.

Your local DIY store

GL 223
Semi-Gloss White

Semi-Gloss White – our top-seller in Laminit

It harmonises with all kinds of different living styles and floods rooms with brightness, separating and connecting them at the same time: All these reasons make our Laminit door in the classic “semi-gloss white” decor extremely popular. It blends in with any style of furniture and creates a pleasant atmosphere.