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stylish finishes

The average lifetime of our “Aperto” entry-level door (decor film) is five years. A model with our premium “Laminit” finish, on the other hand, still looks as good as on day one even after ten years of use.

High-quality melamine resin-coated finishes create a sustainable and long-lasting living environment. This achieves a positive effect which also increases the value of your property.

There are door frames available that can be individually lacquered. For this solution, we offer a special priming film. The paint sticks to this over the long term.

Five finishes – the right solution for every requirement

Do you want a fashionable, low-cost door? Or do you particularly value natural elegance? Perhaps you like brilliant white lacquering or focus more on functional criteria when making your choice. We have the right solution for every requirement – find the right one for you!

A detailed comparison of our finishes

In order to find out which finish is ideal for your purpose, you need detailed information about the individual variants. The following table compares the main characteristics of our five versions in great detail and is designed to help you with your decision-making process.


The resin-coated paper layers which have been compacted under high pressure make the Laminit finish extremely sturdy and durable.



With the Lamineo interior door you are purchasing an impressive optical and functional wood reproduction door with a perceptibly structured finish.


Brillant Premium

Our lacquered finish, which is produced in a very environmentally friendly manner, lends doors a harmonious and timelessly elegant look.



The classic entry-level version is not only easy to care for, but good value for money too. In addition, it is available in several impressive trendy designs.


  Aperto Wood Lamineo Brillant Premium Laminit
Tolerance of household chemicals: This finish is resistant to household chemicals and does not need any special agent + + + + +
Temperature resistance: Neither very hot nor excessively cold temperatures cause problems for this finish. + + + + +
Stain resistance: Small stains caused by dust or dirt do not leave any lasting damage on this finish. + + + + +
Abrasion resistance: This is very little surface wear to this finish even under high mechanical stress. + + + + +
Haptics: Whether the surface is silky or lively: this finish has an attractive surface structure.     +   +
Light-fastness: Even when exposed to light for long periods of time, the original effect and beauty of the colour are retained.       + +
Decor range: There are more than 20 decors available for a large choice of colours for this finish.         +
Availability: Thanks to the fast delivery programme, you will not have to wait long for a door with this finish.         +
Wear-resistance: This surface doesn’t mind being exposed to plenty of “action” and being touched frequently.         +
Durability: With this finish, you are buying a product that will last much longer than the customary five years.         +
Suitable for families: If children stick posters to this finish, for example, no residue will remain even after longer periods.         +
Impact-resistance: Impacts leave this finish undamaged, which makes it ideal for use in commercial properties and easy-access living rooms.         +
Scratch resistance: Scratches caused by lively children, accidents or playful pets are no problem for this finish.         +
Steam resistance: This finish is resistant to the steam produced in kitchens and bathrooms.         +

Our recommendation for you: the ultra-resistant Laminit finish

If you want all positive characteristics combined in a single finish, the solution is: Laminit. Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, this version, which is available in numerous different decors, is suitable for any living situation imaginable.

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Our promise of quality to our customers

The manufacture of high-quality doors, frames and accessories is our first quality. We can offer you a varied range of products that are all made in Germany and are sure to help you design your rooms optimally. Regardless of whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, you will receive the state of the art in terms of design and mechanics. We promise you perfect doors that will really impress – today, and many years into the future.

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