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Four steps to the optimum door frame

A door frame ensures that the door leaf fits exactly into the wall. It also improves the appearance of the door. GetaDoor offers you door frames in various designs with different finishes. In only four steps, you can make sure you get the right door frame for your requirements. We will be happy to assist you!

Excerpt from the current GetaDoor decor collection.

1st step: Finishes and decor – the fun of choosing

We can offer finishes for all needs. For example, “Laminit” can offer you a particularly robust variant. You can also choose from among visually refined designs such as “Lamineo”, “Wood” and “Brillant”, as well as the easy-care “Aperto” finish. Within the finish areas offered, you can select between a range of decors.


2nd step: Three high-quality door-frame designs – a decision

Would you prefer our standard wooden lining frame with rounded jamb plate and architrave or the profiled model with corners and edges? As a third variant, we can offer you the classic block door frame, which, thanks to its extremely robust design and simple appearance, is particularly popular in commercial properties.

Inspiration to find the right finish including the appropriate decor

Make you own impression of our wide range of finishes and decor and you will find inspiration.

Standardised wooden lining frame with rounded jamb and architrave

Profiled wooden lining frame with both corners and edges that offer visual accentuation

Standard block frame fitted in front of the wall (in the wall is also available)









CPL PVC foil



Foil structure


3rd step: The right door-frame dimension – important information for your order

In order to determine the correct door-frame dimension, you must measure the height, width and wall thickness of the wall opening. For this, all you need is a carpenter’s rule, a spirit level, a pencil and paper. The table below will help you to determine the correct ordering size for your frame.

Ordering size (mm) 65 ¹ 70 ¹ 80 ¹ 100 125 145 165 185
Adjustment range: from 65 70 80 100 121 141 161 181
to 75 80 96 116 141 161 181 201

Ordering size (mm) 205 225 240 270 290 310 330 ²
Adjustment range: from 201 221 236 266 286 306 326
to 221 241 256 286 306 326 346

1 min. wall thickness for flush closing types 100 mm, min. wall thickness wood 70 mm.
2 Available for wall thickness up to 620 mm

Special constructions for your new interior door

Would you like to buy an alternative door frame? Our wide selection includes both the variants we have shown you and special designs that we can make for you by order. Here we will present you with all other GetaDoor frame types – in our usual high quality.

4th step: Your local DIY store – consultant and vendor

Our door frames are available across Germany in selected DIY stores. Use the handy search function to find your nearest store. There you will find not only first-class products, but additional information on the products and how to mount them.


Passageway frame

The passageway frame functions as the trim for an opening where no door leaf is intended to be hung. It is particularly suitable for mounting sliding doors.

Ceiling-high porch frame with top panel

This model combines the advantages of a conventional ceiling-high door frame with top panel and the classic porch frame to offer a particularly high level of functionality.

Porch frame

The porch frame has an additional element: the porch. This has the main task of protecting rooms and people from draughts.

Wooden lining frame for double-leaf elements

Our wooden lining frames for double-leaf elements perfectly encases moving and fixed wings of the door in question perfectly. It provides the prerequisites for a larger opening.

Ceiling-high frame with top panel

As the name implies, this frame is ceiling-high. This means that it runs from the floor almost to the ceiling. At the top, it has an immovable panel.


Porch frame with two side panels

The porch frame with two side panels is an expansion of the simple porch frame. It is equipped with a porch on the left and right.