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The PRIMAS convenience door closer is a high-quality alternative to conventional fixed models in that it can be attached to the door after the door is fitted. It offers many advantages:

  • Closes the door to an angle of approximately 40 degrees
  • Holds the door open at an angle of approximately 60 degrees
  • Avoids draughts and saves heating costs
  • Reduces the swirling of dust
  • Reduces the noise level when the door closes
  • Can be used on doors that close to the left or the right
  • Matches GetaDoor’s “Made in Germany” quality

This is how quickly you can attach the PRIMAS convenience door closer.
Our descriptive quick guide will help you to assemble the PRIMAS convenience door closer quickly, after which it will be 100 percent ready for use.

Mounting the PRIMAS convenience door closer

Is your door already fitted but you would like to add the PRIMAS convenience door closer? That is not a problem, as this GetaDoor product can be added later. Only a few steps are required. The useful element will complete your door in no time and add a pleasant element of convenience.

Assemble the convenience door closer and screw it to the door frame.

After mounting, the door closer guides the door leaf gently into the door frame.

The door closer, a composite element of the door, is now ready for use.

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