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Look – modern doors with an elegant glass frame

With the models in the “Look” series, we can offer you trendy doors that can be adapted perfectly to every style of home. They make a particularly bold statement in modern rooms. The versions with elegant glass frames are available in all GetaDoor finishes – from Aperto and Wood to Brillant white lacquer, Laminit and Lamineo.

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Brillant Line – bright doors with a timeless design

The doors in our “Brillant Line” series use simple means to make a big impact. They offer elegant embossed grooves or have a glass opening for bright and welcoming rooms. The models in this series are made to impress with their timelessly elegant charisma, while the white lacquer will harmonise wonderfully with other colours in your home.

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Straight Line – elegant doors with embossed grooves

With the versions within the “Straight Line” series, we can offer you classically elegant doors that also fulfil basic functional requirements. As an interesting detail, the punched embossed grooves are showcased in each version without being visually overwhelming. The models are available in the “Aperto” finish.

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Sustainability guaranteed –
from the tree to the finished door

Each of our employees, through their ideas and actions, contributes to the continuous improvement of our production and daily work in accordance with environmental protection criteria.

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Our DIY store partners near you

Are you interested in our first-class products but would like to take a closer look at them before purchasing? We work with numerous DIY stores across Germany – and one of them is bound to be near you. The practical search function will quickly and simply help you find your destination. You only need to enter your postcode or town and click “Send”. After just a few seconds, you will see our specialist partners near you.

Our promise of quality to our customers

The manufacture of high-quality doors, frames and accessories is our first quality. We can offer you a varied range of products that are all made in Germany and are sure to help you design your rooms optimally. Regardless of whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, you will receive the state of the art in terms of design and mechanics. We promise you perfect doors that will really impress – today, and many years into the future.

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