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Install your new sliding door yourself in only 10 steps

Part A: Preparatory measures

1st step: First, remove the old door in a professional manner. If you are dealing with two-part hinges, you can remove the door from its housing straightaway. In the case of three-part hinges, however, you must undo the fixings first.

2nd step: In the next step, the profiled architrave of the door frame must be removed. If this does not work straightaway, you can use a spanner and apply some pressure to it.

3rd step: In the last step of the preparatory measures, the second, adhered door frame element must be removed. To do so, use a hammer and apply more pressure than in step 2.

Part B: Carrying out the measurements correctly

Wall-opening width

Wall-opening height

Wall thickness

4th step: Measure the wall-opening width – measure in several places just to make sure (this also applies to the two measurements to follow).

5th step: Measure the wall-opening height, taking the floor covering into account (e.g. tile height), as this may be a consideration.

6th step: Measure the wall thickness and ensure that you include the precise wall structure (e.g. additional plastering).

These aids will help you install your sliding door:

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Phillips head
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Shims and wooden discs
  • Spirit level (short and long)
  • Carpenter’s rule
  • Struts (2)
  • Two-component installation foam
  • Filler (silicone)
  • Spanner
  • Allen key

Part C1: Fitting the sliding door running in front of the wall

7th step: Fit the door frame, foam the jamb plate and put the profiled architrave in place.

8th step: Fix the guide rail to the door frame (incl. screw connection).

9th step: Attach the rollers to the blunt sliding door leaf.

10th step: Now you’re almost finished – you only need to hang the door.

Part C2: Fitting sliding doors running inside the wall

7th step: Fit the door frame, foam the jamb plate and put the profiled architrave in place.

8th step: Attach the guide rail, remove the door holder from the rail and work the covering spring into the groove of the cross-piece. Then slide the track mechanism and door stop before you place, clad and fix the door frame piece into the wall-opening in the specified mounting bracket.

9th step: Fix the door leaf by positioning the door below the guide rail and hook the rollers of the door holder into the rail.

10th step: Screw the floor guide to the floor and, if necessary, mount a door stop.

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