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The history of Westag AG

On this page you will find all information about the history of Westag AG.

The name Westag stands for a long-established and successful company that has been making its mark for more than a century. Our creative and motivated employees, high-tech production, deliberately sustainable operations and highly efficient logistics make us one of the leading European manufacturers of wood-based products.

The most important facts and figures

Founded in 1901

The origins of our company date far back. On 7 December 1901, Joseph Ellendorff established a furniture factory that would later become Westag AG.

50 trainees

We are a forward-looking company that believes in first-class training for new employees in every department. We currently employ 50 trainees.

Sales in 59 countries

Our sales activities are focused on Europe. Much of this business is concentrated in Western Europe, although Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly important. Naturally, we also distribute our products worldwide.

€236.6 million in turnover

In the business year 2022, we generated revenue of €236.6 million and thus continued the successful course of years past.

1,100 employees

Westag has a workforce of round about 1,100 employees. These men and women have been with the company an average of 18 years; they live according to its philosophy and simultaneously help articulate that philosophy.

Two locations

Because of the growing variety of our high-quality products and the expansion of our product line in the segment Surfaces/Elements, we have been manufacturing at two locations since 1976: in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and in Wadersloh.