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Brillant Classic 4002B Type 4002-B-LA trellis frame 9

Make yourself comfortable and let this door’s authentic, cosy design convince you. The sweeping lines develop their own particular charm and white provides a multitude of combination options. Enjoy the beautiful country house look of this door.

Brillant Classic 4002B Type 4002-B-LA trellis frame 9

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    Country house feeling, timeless, elegant, a classic

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    Silky lacquer finish

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    Option safety glazing

classic white (RAL 9010)

(lackiert in RAL 9010)

The semi-gloss white or coloured lacquer finish consists of several coats. It is abrasion resistant and has an elegant look. The use of water soluble UV lacquers and solvent-free acrylic UV lacquers ensures an environmentally friendly coating process and represents our environmentally friendly processes.

Frames classic white (RAL 9010)

(lackiert in RAL 9010)

Door frames give your door leaves the right support. Door frames from our entire range are appealing not only for their function but their appearance too. They ensure each door leaf is stable on the wall. Furthermore, they complete the overall look of each door.

  • Finish: Brillant

  • Doors with lacquer finish

  • Kanten: optional with square or round edge

  • Einlagen: available with solid chipboard

  • Bänder: combinable with Simonswerk hinges V3420 WF

sandblasted glazing

All sandblasted glazings are executed as safety glass and are also available in the colours parsol grey and bronze. For figures with sandblasted glass: the light side is sandblasted glazing and the dark side is clear glazing. All sandblasted glazings are also available in reversed matting.

  • Option safety glazing