A selected Provençal flair for living

The doors of our Provence series exude cosy country house charm. The fine symbiosis of traditional design and classic style means that every variant exudes comforting warmth and pure cosiness. The top-quality workmanship of our country house doors creates a friendly atmosphere and offers space for relaxation. Test it for yourself: The configuration tool will show you the attractive charisma of our Provence doors.

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Westaline – purist design with great charisma

The doors in the Westaline series have a special trick up their sleeve: They demonstrate that less can be more. It is the timeless appearance and the many possible usage options that make these doors classic contemporary all-rounders. Take a good look at the visual merits of the high-quality lacquering jobs in our online door configuration tool. The glass openings will brighten up even the darkest rooms.

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Doors with a glass opening for a perfect view

Our interior doors with glass openings are able to brighten up and beautify the atmosphere of even the darkest of living spaces. The expert glazing options turn every creatively designed variants into fashionable decor elements for your home. You can obtain some first impressions of these doors and their potential to offer you a clear view at any time by using our simple online door configuration tool.

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Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Decor XYZ.

Türen mit Decor-Folien-Oberfläche

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